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Some Photos of my past trip to Morocco,

where I´ve been backpacking for some weeks.


CSS selectors

Normally, I´m not a fan of fatalistic headlines à la „you have to read this“ but in fact I liked this list a lot,
since has a good selection of Css selectors and a easy to understand explanation.

You can find the article here:

If you just need a nice list, you can find it at W3schools:

Please insert disc number 8

Ah, memories!
As you maybe already heard, the people from have done something very noble to preserve
a piece of history: they´ve started to put old Ms-Dos games online, which have accompanied through my childhood!
Its actually nothing new to be able again playing the old games, but its much more convenient now:)

There are so many to mention, but these are some of my favourites, I´ve found quickly:

1. Zak Mc Kracken & the Alien Mindbenders – my big love, I don´t know how much time I´ve put in to play this game. To me its still a rolemodel for perfect game!!!!

2. Indiana Jones & the last crusade (I also had this on my C64 & I loved the 12 pages of code which I got from my classmates)

3. Stunts – also a game I played for the first time on mc C64 (Stunt car racer) I love the course editor, which allowed to build your own race tracks and share them with friends!

4. Golden Axe – I´ve played many different versions (some consider the Amiga version as the best) but I decided to put in the Pc version represantative for all!

5. North & South – so simple & so great. I think this game has influenced so many successors!

Í could go on for days!

Jeg lærer dansk

Seit einem halben Jahr besuche ich einmal wöchentlich einen Dänischkurs
in Hannover und bin sehr begeistert von der Sprache!

Da wir jetzt nach den Grundkenntnissen (Präsens, Vokabelgrundlagen, Sprachverständnis)
langsam anfagen, Konversation und Texte zu üben, habe ich mich gefragt, wie ich all diese besonderen Buchstaben
im Dänisch mit meinem deutschen Computer hin bekomme:) Wikipedia sei Dank, habe ich diese Shortcutliste gefunden.

Bangkok & south Thailand!

I´ve been to Thailand for two weeks had a wonderful time!
A very beautiful country with even nicer people!