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Curriculum vitae

My name is Markus Engel and I´m a Web Developer and Designer from Germany. In the past 10 years I´ve been working on Web- and different Design projects ( Corporate Identity, Product Design, Styleguides etc).
Below you can find a extraction of my latest Curriculum vitae. For the full CV, please download the pdf from the link.   DOWNLOAD ENGLISH DOWNLOAD GERMAN

General Skills

Web technology / Code 0


Illustration / Sketch0


Prototyping / Wireframe0


Concept / Project management0

  During my studies,I was also taught in Product Design: I developed several projects in the field of furniture, Technique as well as Interface Design of devices for handicapped persons- Besides this, I´ve carried out my practical semester at a Eventmarketing- and Design company in Hamburg, Germany and a additional internship for 6 months at Zoo York in New York City, USA.
Here you can find some more skills:  

Ms Office0

Jira / issue tracking0



Adobe CS6 / Dtp programms0


Product Design / 3D0

Sketch / Visualisation0

From an early age, I loved foreign languages. After finishing school, I kept learning and also started to learn the Danish and Swedish language. I´m currently taking Danish classes once a week.  

German / Native language 0