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CSS selectors

Normally, I´m not a fan of fatalistic headlines à la “you have to read this” but in fact I liked this list a lot,
since has a good selection of Css selectors and a easy to understand explanation.

You can find the article here:

If you just need a nice list, you can find it at W3schools:

Jeg lærer dansk

Since six months, I´m attending a weekly Danish class in Hannover and I´m very excited about the language!
Becuause we´ve started to proceed from the basics (present form, basic vocabulary, speech comprehension)
to conversations and texts, I´ve been asking myself, how I can write all these special characters of the Danish language.
Fortunately, Ive found this shortcutlist.


I´m now on Github and very excited to get deeper into it!

There are so many great projects here, I hope I can contribute as well in the future!

My profile: